Church of God in Christ Temple

Bio of Dr. Eddie F. Williams Jr.

       Dr. Eddie F. Williams, Jr. was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on November 17, 1957,  the son of the late Bro. Eddie F. Sr. & the late Mother Queenie Williams.  Dr. Williams received Christ at a youngage in Church of God in Christ Temple under the leadership of Bishop C.W. Johnson.

     Dr. Eddie was educated in the Jersey City Public Schools and continued his education at Saint Peter College where he received an Applied Associate Science & Bachelor’s Degree.

     Dr. Williams' early religious training was under the leadership of the late Dr. Randolph D. Johnson at the Church of God in Christ Temple, Jersey City, New Jersey. Dr. Williams answered his call into the gospel ministry and in January 1983 became a licensed Minister.  In November 1984 he was ordained as an Elder. He graduated from the Evangelical Bible Institute in General Studies and Leadership Training. On August 5, 1987 God elevated Elder Williams to become Pastor of Mount Zion Church of God in Christ, Jersey City, New Jersey. In May 1997, he received his Master of Divinity.  He continued to further his theology education, and in May 1999, he received his Doctorate of Theology Degree.

   Having held many positions in the Church of God in Christ, Dr. Williams has proven to be a faithful son of leadership capacity. He served as Sunday School Superintendent and President of the Evangelist Department in the New Garden State Jurisdiction under the leadership of the late Bishop Chandler D. Owens. He has also served as the Administrative Assistant, District Superintendent of the Headquarters District, Chairman of the Program Committee and Chief Adjutant under the leadership of the late Overseer Nathaniel L. Screven of the Evangelical Fellowship Church of God in Christ Inc., in addition to working tirelessly on many other committees.

    Dr. Williams served as the Superintendent of the Unity District, a member of the Executive Board, and an Adjutant under the leadership of Bishop Norman L. Prescott, Emeritist of the New Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of New Jersey. He serves as a National Adjutant, National Security Task Force, and National Evangelist for the Church of God in Christ Worldwide.  Dr. Williams also serves as a Chaplain in the United Chaplain International Worldwide Outreach.

    Dr. Williams developed a Feeding Program, Clothing Give-Away, Summer Vacation Bible School, and Hospital & Nursing Ministry in Mount Zion.

    Dr. Williams heard the voice of God saying, "go into my vineyard and work." Truly, he has done just that - knowing that no good thing will be withheld from him as he walks upright before God.  The Lord blessed Dr. Williams to be appointed as Acting Pastor on May 27, 2011 and Pastor of Church of God in Christ Temple in Jersey City, N.J., in December of 2011.  Dr. Williams has formed the COGIC Temple Community Outreach Team.  Our first event was a Health Fair which was a success. 

    Dr. Williams was elevated as Administrative Assistant in Protocol & Security under the leadership of the newly appointed Bishop Kevin E. Knight of the New Jersey Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. He serves as Superintendent of Dr. Randolph R. D. Johnson Memorial District (formerly known as the Unity District).  He was recently appointed Overseer of the Northwest 2 Region in the National Adjutancy in the National COGIC Worldwide.  He is currently Dean and Chancellor of the COGIC Temple Midwest College of Theology in Jersey City, N.J.

    Dr. Eddie F. Williams has been married to the lovely Margaret A. Watson of Baltimore, MD since 1980. From their joyous union they were blessed with five sons: Avery, Dameon, Sr., Kendell (Arlishia), Eddie III, Frederick, and one daughter Natania and 11 grandchildren.










Bio. of Evangelist Margaret A. Williams 

     Margaret A. Watson, the eldest of 5 siblings, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, June 15, 1958 to Rev. Lee & Missionary Rosalie Watson.  They moved to New York and joined Mt. Hebron Apostolic Temple under the leadership of the late Bishop G. H. Wiley.  She sung in the Junior Choir and years later an usher, Adult Choir, Directress of the Junior Choir and a Sunday School Teacher. 

    In 1970 the family moved to Jersey City, N. J. while continuing to commute to church in New York for services.  She was introduced to Bro. Eddie  F. Williams, Jr.,

    In 1980 she married Bro. Eddie F. Williams, where she joined Church of God in Christ Temple under the leadership of Dr. Randolph D. Johnson.  She later became a member and secretary of the Young Women Christian Counsel, Assistant Directress of the Choir and a *Preacher's Wife*.

   Evangelist Margaret A. Williams followed her husband to the vineyard as First Lady of Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ in Jersey City, N.J.  She was given aspiring missionary license.  She was appointed as President of the Women*s Department, member and secretary of the Y.W.C.C., President of the Youth Department, President/Directress of the Youth/Adult Choir, Sunday School Teacher, the Secretarial Staff, and whatever needed to be done.  She managed all of these positions with the help of the Lord and often called, *The Lady Who Wears Many Hats*.

   Evangelist Margaret A. Williams was appointed an Evangelist Missionary under the late Mother Vera Brown, Supervisor of Women. Eastern New York 4th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.  Bishop J. P. Lee, Prelate.  Also President of the Minister's Wives Circle and M.W.C. Choir in the Evangelical Fellowship Womens Department under the late Mother Evelyn Branch.

   The Lord blessed Dr. Eddie & Evang. Margaret Williams to return to the church were they started, as Pastor & First Lady of Church of God in Christ Temple.  She is still working and is a faithful *Women of God*, who walks by her husband's side. 

  Evangelist Margaret A. Williams served as President of the Sunshine Band Choir and a member of the Clergy Wives Circle in the New Jersey Third Jurisdiction Women's Department under the leadership of the late Mother Vivian B. Wooden.

   Evangelist Williams has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from St. Peter's College and an Associates Degree in Theology from COGIC Temple Midwest College of Theology.  Currently a State of New Jersey Senior Probation Officer. 

   She is a devoted wife to Dr. Eddie F. Williams, Jr, a loving mother to Avery, Dameon, Kendell (Arlishia), Eddie, III, Frederick and Natania, and 11 grandchildren.