Women's Ministry
Evangelist Margaret A. Williams, President

Our Women's Ministry provides a means of support, positive association and strength, both emotionally and spiritually.  All women are invited to be a part of this ministry. 

Young Women Christian Council
 Evangelist Sheba Cartier, President

The Young Women's Christian Council (YWCC) is an organization that ministers to young women ages 18-40, married or single.  YWCC encourages holy living and dedication to Christian Service in the church and community.  YWCC also addresses numerous concerns of young women.  Although YWCC serves women aged 18-40, it includes the fellowship and instruction of mature women and mothers who serve as teachers and counsel mothers for this organization.

Christian Women's Council
 Sister Carol Thomas, President

The Christian Women's Council (C.W.C.) is an organization for women ages 40 and above.  It's purpose is to provide spiritual and natural support of the church through instruction and training of women, both the "seasonal saint" and of those who are "babes in Christ", to promote the love of God, love of mankind, love of the work of the Lord; to promote a spirit of oneness, to promote individual and collective spiritual stability, for greater effectiveness in women's work and for spiritual growth of the church in general.